December 2015 Chapter Meeting: Controls for Managing Privileged Accounts – presented by CyberArk Software

Targeted Attacks and the Privileged connection_ISSA


A common link in today’s most dangerous, targeted attacks and information security breaches: The Exploitation of Privileged Accounts. Such accounts grant extensive control over sensitive data and IT systems. They’re pervasive in every organization, they’re often overlooked, and they can be powerful weapons in the wrong hands. Leading security experts report that privileged accounts are widely abused in targeted cyber-attacks and that privileged account exploits have grown increasingly sophisticated.  Privileged accounts ship with every piece of information technology, including servers, desktops, applications, databases and network devices. The accounts confer powerful controls to IT administrators, but they can be lethal in the wrong hands. To protect these accounts and the critical resources they provide access to, organizations need comprehensive controls in place to protect, monitor, detect and respond to all privileged account activity



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