February Chapter Meeting – Carbanak APT: An analysis of the largest financial breach in history

Session Title: Carbanak APT: An analysis of the largest financial breach in history

ISSA Portland FEB 16 KSP


The Carbanak advanced persistent threat (APT) compromised several major financial institutions, resulting in the theft of over $1 billion. This massive criminal campaign remains one of the most successful bank heists in history. Ironically, the bad guys didn’t use ultra-sophisticated tools or techniques against their targets. During a series of attacks, they maintained long-term persistent access using the same tools as banking system administrators. They avoided detection by moving slowly and patiently over an extended period of time. We’ve learned key lessons from this and they apply to every type of business. This session will cover:

  • An analysis of the Carbanak advanced persistent threat
  • Lessons learned that apply to all industries and potential targets
  • Methods to detect and respond to advanced persistent threats

 Speaker Bio:

Kenneth (Sean) Patrick is a highly accomplished and motivated systems security professional and real-time systems engineer with over 20 years of real-world experience on United States and international defense programs. He spent 15 years working for Boeing in a variety of critical roles, including the U.S. Army Future Combat Systems Chief Engineer of Information Assurance and Chief Engineer and Architect of Asia and Middle East Government Security Operations Centers. Sean recently joined Vectra Networks as a Senior System Security Engineer, where he evangelizes the benefits of advanced cyber analytics in combating sophisticated attackers.

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