May Chapter Meeting: Getting Physical with Red Team

Come Join us for our May Meeting: Getting Physical with Red Team

From: 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

As the landscape of cyber security evolves, offensive security has become the tip of spear. The industry is utilizing more advanced offensive security exercises to compete with present day attackers.  Red Teaming is one of those tools in our toolkit that can provide great insight into the true capabilities of an organization to the thwart an attack.  Matt Mosley of Tevora will discuss one of the three elements of Red Team engagements. Matt’s focus will be on the physical aspect of Red Team engagements which involves bypassing physical controls such as locks, gates, badge systems, alarm systems, and security guards with an overview of tools and techniques used today and stories from actual engagements.

Speaker: Matt Mosley

Speaker Bio:

Matt is the Director of Incident Response & Threat Services at Tevora with expertise in penetration testing, development of security intelligence solutions, digital forensics, and incident response. Matt was also former adjunct professor at UCLA, teaching offensive security tools & techniques.

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