Cyber Hygiene – Critical Security Controls


FOR OUR FIRST MEETING OF THE FALL! We are happy to have Brian Ventura presenting Cyber Hygiene. With so many types of network attacks and so many tools/solutions to combat these attacks, you ask yourself which should I implement first? Which should I buy? Can I build it myself? The CIS Critical Security Controls are a prioritized approach to ensuring information security. As a general risk assessment, the Critical Security Controls address the past, current and expected attacks occurring across the Internet. In this introduction, we will discuss the benefits and application of the first five controls.

Presenter info:

Brian Ventura is an Information Security Architect at the City of Portland, Community Instructor for SANS and volunteers in the Portland ISSA chapter, working on educational opportunities for members. Brian teaches the Critical Security Controls regularly for SANS and through community events. The City uses the Critical Security Controls to prioritize the Information Security framework for the city.


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