Portland ISSA Mentoring Program

ISSA – Portland Chapter Mentor Program brokers and supports relationships between students and professionals in the information security field and other related professional fields.

Mentorship Program Summary
ISSA – Portland Chapter is soliciting students (mentees) and professionals (mentors) from the greater Portland area interested in participating in this program. The typical mentoring relationship may include:

  • The Initial Meeting – Typically held at a public coffee house or over lunch at a restaurant, the initial meeting is intended to ensure both parties feel comfortable working together, share common goals for the program and to provide the mentor with the student’s objectives for the mentoring relationship.
  • On-the-job Session(s) – The phase allows the student to work with the mentor for at least one business day to gain exposure to the typical characteristics of the job. The mentor should provide the student with an overview of typical job responsibilities and then allow the student to participate, as appropriate, in activities for that day.
  • Projects – The mentor may encourage students to tackle projects that will enhance the students understanding of the “real-life” challenges associated with the professional field.
  • Periodic Meetings – Intended to support an ongoing dialogue between the student and the mentor about the student’s progress towards the profession and to answer questions of the student about related matters.

Who are the Mentors?
Mentors are individuals from the Portland area with expertise in information security, IT audit, business continuity and related fields.

Additional Benefits of the Mentorship Program:
Participants will receive a “Certificate of Program Participation” and may be able to use participation as professional continuing education credits.

More Information:
If you would like further information please contact the ISSA-Portland Mentoring Program Chair, at mentoring@issa-portland.org

Application for Participation in the ISSA Mentorship Program:
Instructions: Send an email to mentoring@issa-portland.org with a subject line of “ISSA Mentoring Program Application” and with the following information.

  • Name
  • eMail
  • phone number
  • Do you intend to participate as a Mentor or Mentee?

Mentors and Mentees: please describe your goals for participating in this program.
Mentors only: please describe your involvement in the information security and IT community including your areas of practice, your job title, and you place of employment.
Mentees only: please describe your status in school, your school name, your involvement in the local ISSA student chapter and the emphasis of your studies: