How AI Works: Recent examples of AI

Please join us for the February luncheon meeting!!!!

Presenting the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Security: Move from Detection to  Prevention.”


How AI Works – Recent examples of AI

Why AI and ML are well suited for security
Details on how AI and ML work
Impact on Operations, User, and Business
Demo of AI in action (detect only and predict and prevent)


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Educational Update for 2017

Last Fall, James Trumper and I led a successful CISSP class through PCC. James and I really enjoyed the opportunity and the class participants got a lot out of it. I hope we can put together another course. PCC was a great venue and the cost was much lower than any bootcamp or other intensive I have found. Let me know if you are interested in a local CISSP course, so we prioritize this appropriately.

What else is out there? As you know, I teach for SANS, so I looked into what SANS courses are coming to town. Here is what I found:

  • MGT512: Security Leadership Essentials For Managers with Knowledge Compression™    Apr 10, 2017 – Apr 14, 2017
  • SEC401: Security Essentials Bootcamp Style    Jun 12, 2017 – Jun 17, 2017
  • SEC501: Advanced Security Essentials – Enterprise Defender    Jul 17, 2017 – Jul 22, 2017

These are each great options to avoid travel and get high value training locally. Here is the link:

In my sticky post to the Training page on the Portland ISSA webpage (, I mentioned the programs at Mt. Hood Community College, as well as These are both very good resources. The first has a number of 2-year programs for Information Security and the latter is continually adding new materials and certifications for self-study.

My teaching schedule is here:

I have a 2-day Critical Security Controls course outside of Spokane, WA in April and another in Cupertino for May, in case anyone wants to travel with me 🙂

I am partnering with Tenable to host a 5-part webcast series on the first 5 Critical Security Controls starting in May. I will post those up as they get closer.

Dont forget our upcoming March Hackathon 1/2 day symposium:

Happy 2017! Stay warm and I look forward to seeing you at the next event!

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ISSA Portland December Hackathon Symposium

Come to the first-ever hands-on ISSA website hackathon!!

We are partnering with SecurityInnovation to provide an immersive hands-on hacking experience for our ISSA symposium.

Compete against your fellow ISSA Portland members in a contest of hacking skills in a fun environment.

This event will provide value for everyone from a non-coder with zero hacking experience to a seasoned penetration tester. There are challenges for all skill levels and interest built into the game and we will have expert help on hand to help anyone who wants it.

We will provide some initial training, lunch and the vulnerable infrastructure for you to test your skills against.

You will need to bring a laptop with the following:
· Recent version of Firefox installed with the FireBug Extension
· Recent Java Runtime installed

Space is limited, so please register soon.

Nike Victory (EDO)
15475 SW Koll Pkwy
Beaverton, OR 97006

December 15th, 2016

9 AM – Overview & Training Session
10 AM – Hacking begins
12-1 PM – Lunch Is Served
1-1:30 PM – Wrap Up Session – Announce Winner!

Event Tickets (click here)


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Cyber Hygiene – Critical Security Controls


FOR OUR FIRST MEETING OF THE FALL! We are happy to have Brian Ventura presenting Cyber Hygiene. With so many types of network attacks and so many tools/solutions to combat these attacks, you ask yourself which should I implement first? Which should I buy? Can I build it myself? The CIS Critical Security Controls are a prioritized approach to ensuring information security. As a general risk assessment, the Critical Security Controls address the past, current and expected attacks occurring across the Internet. In this introduction, we will discuss the benefits and application of the first five controls.

Presenter info:

Brian Ventura is an Information Security Architect at the City of Portland, Community Instructor for SANS and volunteers in the Portland ISSA chapter, working on educational opportunities for members. Brian teaches the Critical Security Controls regularly for SANS and through community events. The City uses the Critical Security Controls to prioritize the Information Security framework for the city.


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Portland Area Security Community Fall Mixer

Please join ISACA, ISSA, OWASP, ASIS and InfraGard as we kick-off the 2016-2017 programs year.  Details below.  Register today on the event page here!

Portland Area Security Community Fall Mixer September 14, 2016


ISACA, ISSA, OWASP, ASIS and InfraGard are hosting a joint event!

WE ARE EXCITED: This year’s event includes several regional associations. This is a great opportunity to network and meet other IT, Security and Audit professionals in our area.

JOIN THE FUN:  Once again we will be providing an array of appetizers and a full hosted bar. Each of the 5 associations will be announcing upcoming events, plans and certification offerings.

COST: The event is FREE. Parking vouchers for the Alder St. STAR PARK, will be available.

USE TRANSIT? The event is right on the max line.

Event Privacy Practices:  Registration information for this information will not be provided to event sponsors, and will be used only by the 5 associations co-sponsoring the event for membership, programs, and marketing purposes. Attendees are being registered in the ISACA attendee system, and contact information will be provided to any other association(s) whom the attendee identifies they are affiliated with during the registration process.

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May 2016 Chapter Meeting – Securing Vendor & Mobile Workforce Access

Join ISSA  for our monthly luncheon on the topic of:  “Securing Vendor & Mobile Workforce Access” presented by: Rick LeClerc, Chief Solutions Architect, Bradford Networks.

This is also our annual meeting and the 2016 board will be elected. 

Presentation Abstract:

Topics will include how to facilitate the deployment of access policies based on device characteristics like “Who, What, Where and When” to secure access for domain users, vendors, mobile workforce and guests and how to reduce the attack surface and substantially save IT staffing costs by automating the enforcement of access policies to restrict/quarantine and/or remediate when anomalous activities from compromised hosts have been detected.

Speaker Bio:

In his role as Chief Solutions Architect at Bradford Networks, Rick works with ‘strategic accounts’ all over the world, and also works directly with Business Development and Technology Partners to deliver joint customer solutions that bridge the gap between the SOC and the NOC through security automation and orchestration initiatives. Prior to Bradford Networks, Rick was Director of the Custom Engineering Group at Aprisma Management Technologies and Cabletron Systems for over 10 years. Rick and his team worked directly with customers to understand their business requirements and map those requirements to technical specifications for customized software development projects related to their Spectrum Enterprise Management solution. Rick has presented at Educause, RSA, NERCOMP, UCISA Networkshop (UK), Oxford/Cambridge University (UK), and a host of additional networking and security conferences.

Thursday, May 19th, 2016 – Doors open at 11:30AM.  The event will end at 1:00PM.  Lunch will be provided.

XPO Logistics (formerly Con-way)
2055 Northwest Savier Street
Portland, OR 97209

XPO’s reception desk is located at west end (closest to 21st Ave.) of the AdTech II building, best accessed by turning into the entrance located on 21st Ave;  the main entrance to the building is on Savier Street on the west side of the building. This entrance is manned by a security guard and you will be asked to sign in.  XPO has asked that guests park in the two lots to the East of NW 20th Avenue between NW Raleigh and NW Thurman.  Please do not park in spaces that are marked with names other than XPO since these spaces are leased. The best option is the lot on the NE corner of NW Raleigh and NW 20th.

The chapter maintains proof of attendance for members but it is the member’s responsibility to ensure that these CPE’s are credited to their respective accounts. This luncheon will offer 1 CPE per hourof attendance.
Chapter Sponsors

ISSA Portland would like to thank our sponsors, who help make high quality programs like this possible.

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April Symposium: Web Application Security

Thursday, April 21, 2016
This was an all morning event. Doors opened at 8:00 AM and ended at 1:00PM.

XPO Logistics*
2055 Northwest Savier Street
Portland, OR 97209

Session 1: (8:45-9:35) – Securing the SDLC with Automated Code Analysis
Presented by Jeremy Anderson, Principal Solutions Architect with Veracode

PRESENTATION: Securing the SDLC 2.0

Over 90% of the $$ spent on InfoSec in today’s enterprises goes to late stage protection strategies, yet the single biggest threat to the enterprise today isn’t so much the infrastructure, but the software. Kaspersky labs mentioned in one of today’s briefs that they see the biggest issue of 2016 being vulnerable third party software. That, coupled with managing our own swiss cheese of software makes for a threat vector that nobody can handle. Jeremy’s presentation will be from a “mostly” tool agnostic approach, simply pointing out the need for good testing early and often, in keeping with today’s agile development processes.  Jeremy will demonstrate how to use Jenkins to build and upload to Veracode, and show the results automatically returned to JIRA – a defect tracking system.

Speaker Bio:
Jeremy Anderson has over 15+ years web software development experience in a variety of fields. He started out programming Perl and Java back in the late 90’s and has since written software in over 10 languages. He recently spent 7 years in operations management at US Bank here in Portland, building DR systems, managing vendor security and creating software security mitigation strategies. He recently joined Veracode, one of the fastest growing application security companies in the world where he works as a Principal Solutions Architect, supporting customers in their adoption of Veracode’s cloud based security testing solution.

Session 2: (9:45-10:35) – Extend login security for websites with two factor authentication based on possession.
Presented by Bill Bartlett, Founder of Fobfuscate


A demonstration of 4 methods of multi-factor authentication, 2 on a cell phone and 2 with USB touch activated tokens.  Google Authenticator is a cell phone app that generates one-time passwords.  CLEF is a cell phone web service that uses PKI to digitally sign and verify users.  Yubikeys are touch activated one-time password tokens with a cloud authentication service.  FIDO is an open standard that provides PKI challenge/response on a USB touch activated device.

Speaker Bio:
Bill Bartlett has been an application software developer for 35 years and has worked with banking encryption products for 25 years including challenge/response systems.  He is a 2FA enthusiast who believes that website users should be given options to improve their own security online by enrolling their own devices on their profile.  With new technology that uses cloud authentication for devices in their possession, user identity theft can be stopped dead.  Furthermore, most 2FA solutions do not require the website to cache any sensitive credentials reducing their exposure to data breach.

Session 3: (10:45-11:35) The basics of Red Teaming
Presented by Chris Z. and Robert Hartshorn, HP Cloud Solutions & Operations Security


Chris and Robert from the HP application security team will cover the basics of red teaming: what it is, where it fits in a security program, and how you can implement one on a shoe-string budget.  Assessment of web applications will be emphasized due to their popularity and low barrier to entry.  We will demonstrate a number of common web-app bugs and how real attacks abuse them.  Bring your questions!

Speaker Bio’s:
Chris has been working as an Application Security Engineer at HP for more than 5 years where he bootstrapped the CSO (Cloud Solutions & Operations) Security team and focuses predominately on exploit development and penetration testing.  He holds a bachelor of science in Computer Science along with a number of security industry certifications.

Robert Hartshorn is an Application Security Engineer at HP. His main area of expertise is penetration testing web applications, with working knowledge of Mobile applications security along with Incident response and malware analysis.

Lunch: (11:35-Noon) Content Security Policy

Session 4: (Noon-12:50) Content Security Policy
Presented by Timothy D. Morgan Founder and Principal Security Consultant Blindspot Security LLC

PRESENTATION: Content Security Policy TDM

Content Security Policy (CSP) is a mechanism to help harden web applications against a wide variety of client-side attacks including cross-site scripting, clickjacking, and cross-origin information leaks.  CSP is a powerful tool that is now available in all major browsers, but is sadly under-utilized.  Join Tim for an overview of CSP, what it can do for you, and how you can incrementally deploy it on at-risk web applications.

Speaker Bio:
As an application security consultant and vulnerability researcher, Tim Morgan has been taking deep technical dives in security for over a decade.  In that time, he has been credited with the discovery and responsible disclosure of numerous security vulnerabilities in a variety of software products, including: IBM Tivoli Access Manager, Sun Java Runtime Environment, Google Chrome Web Browser, OpenOffice, Oracle WebLogic Application Server, and IBM Websphere Commerce.  His current research interests include applied cryptanalysis, XML external entities attacks, and network timing attacks.  Tim develops and maintains several open source forensics tools in addition to Bletchley, an application cryptanalysis toolkit. Tim works to secure his customers’ environments through black box testing, code reviews, social engineering exercises, security training, and a variety of other services.  Tim has worked in a variety of roles in the information security field including incident response, digital forensics, and risk analysis, giving him a broad set of experiences to draw upon.  Tim earned his computer science degrees from Harvey Mudd College and Northeastern University and currently resides in Portland, Oregon where he leads the local OWASP chapter.

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March Chapter Meeting – Information Security Leadership Panel

Topic: “Challenges and Initiatives”

Format: Board leads with questions followed by audience and guest questions and participation.

Panel participants:

  • Christopher Paidhrin – Information Security Manager, City of Portland
  • Dave Dyk – Director of Information Security, Simple Finance
  • Chris Apgar – President and CEO, Apgar and Associates
  • Mark Farley – Vice President, Worldwide Information Technology, FEI Company


Thursday, March 17th, 2016 – Doors open at 11:30AM.  The event will end at 1:00PM.  Lunch will be provided.

XPO Logistics*
2055 Northwest Savier Street
Portland, OR 97209

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February Chapter Meeting – Carbanak APT: An analysis of the largest financial breach in history

Session Title: Carbanak APT: An analysis of the largest financial breach in history

ISSA Portland FEB 16 KSP


The Carbanak advanced persistent threat (APT) compromised several major financial institutions, resulting in the theft of over $1 billion. This massive criminal campaign remains one of the most successful bank heists in history. Ironically, the bad guys didn’t use ultra-sophisticated tools or techniques against their targets. During a series of attacks, they maintained long-term persistent access using the same tools as banking system administrators. They avoided detection by moving slowly and patiently over an extended period of time. We’ve learned key lessons from this and they apply to every type of business. This session will cover:

  • An analysis of the Carbanak advanced persistent threat
  • Lessons learned that apply to all industries and potential targets
  • Methods to detect and respond to advanced persistent threats

 Speaker Bio:

Kenneth (Sean) Patrick is a highly accomplished and motivated systems security professional and real-time systems engineer with over 20 years of real-world experience on United States and international defense programs. He spent 15 years working for Boeing in a variety of critical roles, including the U.S. Army Future Combat Systems Chief Engineer of Information Assurance and Chief Engineer and Architect of Asia and Middle East Government Security Operations Centers. Sean recently joined Vectra Networks as a Senior System Security Engineer, where he evangelizes the benefits of advanced cyber analytics in combating sophisticated attackers.

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January 2015: Cloud Security Symposium

Presentation 1: Cloudy with a Chance of Pain

ISSA Cloud Security Symposium – OBS Cloudy with a Chance of Pain

Speaker: James Adamson, CISSP, CCSP, CRISC, QSA, Senior Consultant, Online Business Systems

Bio: James is an information security professional with over a decade of consulting experience in the security and risk management field. Client projects have included the full lifecycle of security projects, including gap analysis, assessment activities, solution and roadmap development, and project-based remediation. Recent work has focused on helping clients build and run cloud environments that are secure and compliant. Experience in security architecture and aligning technical solutions with security governance helps clients implement business-enabling technology while retaining the emphasis on security of the enterprise and protection of their important data.

Abstract: The benefits of moving data, applications, and even infrastructure to the cloud are undeniable and we find an increasing number of companies who have made the big move or who are considering it. These new frontiers come with a healthy dose of fear and skepticism that a lack of security could put the entire organization at risk. But just as these same anxieties were conquered in a distributed computing world, the major cloud providers are offering architectural building blocks that allow you to assemble secure cloud environments. While the tools and solution sets will vary by provider, there are several emerging security best practices to help ensure that you are creating a secure computing platform. We’ll cover security options at a high level in AWS and Azure as well as how to prove that what you’ve built is indeed secure when your internal audit or external assessors come knocking. You’ll leave with a deeper knowledge of how to secure the cloud and hopefully a little less stress (at least around cloud security).

Presentation 2: Perimeters and Unicorns: Two things that exist only in IT fairyland.

Speaker: Krishna Narayanaswamy, Netskope

Bio: Krishna Narayanaswamy, Chief Scientist, Netskope A highly-regarded researcher in deep packet inspection, security, and behavioral anomaly detection, Krishna Narayanaswamy leads Netskope’s data science and user behavior research as chief scientist. Krishna brings 24 years of experience, including founding Top Layer Networks and serving as a distinguished engineer at Juniper Networks.

Abstract: Perimeters & Unicorns: Two Things That Only Exist in IT Fairyland Join Netskope’s co-founder and Chief Scientist Krishna Narayanaswamy, for a bird’s-eye view of how mobile and cloud have conspired to dissolve the enterprise perimeter and transform IT as we know it. Hear his take on how these dynamics have shifted the role of enterprise IT, why letting users “go rogue” is the path to business success, and how smart CIOs will become the drivers of growth and profits this decade.

Presentation 3: Security in cloud application delivery model & DevOps Integration

Speaker: John Martinez, Product Manager, Evident IO

Bio: John is a recognized industry expert and speaker with extensive experience implementing DevOps and security at cloud leaders like Adobe and Netflix.

Abstract: John will lead a deep dive discussion and live demonstration on how to improve security awareness between IT, Dev, Ops teams, and provide real-world (code) examples on how to bring security into your application delivery model to reduce security risks with DevOps integration and security and compliance automation within Amazon Web Services.

Presentation 4:  Data-Centric Security – Key to Cloud and Digital Business

Speaker: Ulf Mattsson, Chief Technology Officer, Protegrity.

Bio:  Ulf is commonly considered one of the founding fathers of tokenization and has been advising the industry’s top analysts and stakeholders including PCI Security Standards Council and ISACA. Ulf is the inventor of more than 20 patents in the areas of encryption key management, policy driven data encryption, internal threat protection, data usage control and intrusion prevention. Ulf is working with the PCI Security Standards Council to create standards for Payment Card Industry in areas of Cloud Computing, Encryption and Tokenization. He also is a research member of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) WG 11.3 Data and Application Security, ANSI X9, Cloud Security Alliance , Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

Prior to joining Protegrity, Ulf spent 20 years with IBM working in software development as a consulting resource to IBM’s research organization, specializing in the areas of IT architecture and IT security. He received a master’s degree in physics from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, and holds degrees in electrical engineering and finance.

Abstract: Business is moving to the cloud. To achieve the agility and low overhead necessary to remain competitive, your business needs to get in the game. But increased regulatory requirements for securing sensitive data create a huge challenge for large enterprises – and 80% of businesses are not sure how to protect data in the cloud.  You need a scalable solution that protects your data before it moves to the cloud and continues to protect it once it’s in a cloud environment.


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